Why to take part

Discover all the visibility and promotional opportunities devoted to finalists and winners. 
Cosmoprof Awards is a global marketing exposure for your company!

Participation in the awards process elevates your company’s brand awareness through exposure to buyers, top retailers, journalists and bloggers many of whom may be seeking customers, alliances, or other growth opportunities.

All finalists and winners receive great publicity in and beyond on a global scale, which contributes to valuable network-building. It is not just an award — it is an ongoing exposure thanks to our brand, Cosmoprof.

During the Award Ceremony of Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards, which will be held on 29th April 2022 at 5 PM c/0 Service Centre, the winners will be awarded.

The finalists will receive:

  • A DEDICATED INSTALLATION in the Service Centre, the heart of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, during the show days.
  • Participation to the AWARD CEREMONY of Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards
  • FINALIST SEAL:  Being selected as finalist with Cosmoprof always marks the beginning of a whole range of PR and marketing measures. Our label/seal is used by finalists and winners as a seal of quality – an advantage reserved exclusively for our most outstanding exhibitors. Thanks to our global platform, using the internationally recognized label generates the most attention possible for any product bearing the Cosmoprof Awards seal. A template of the seal will be available for download for all finalists. Whether it is used in a website, newsletter or website a high level of recognition is guaranteed!
  • ONLINE: Finalists and winners will have the unique possibility to have their product online all year long at www.cosmoprofawards.com
  • PRESS RELEASE: Our PR department will distribute an international press release with all finalists that will receive major media attention. In addition, journalists from all around the world will receive information and pictures of award-winning products throughout the year.

The winners will receive:

  • TROPHY: Winners of Cosmoprof Awards will receive the Cosmoprof Trophy at the Awards Ceremony, symbol of what’s next in our industry.
  • WINNER SEAL: Whether it is used in a website, newsletter or website a high level of recognition is guaranteed!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA POST: all winners will receive a dedicated social media post in the three months after the show.

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