Full Brow

Brow Crayon

Draw it Full, Draw it Fine, Blend it Out

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Product headline

Draw it Full, Draw it Fine, Blend it Out

Product description
Finally! The on-the-go version of our creamy and volumising brow powders is here. The soft powder finish pencil fills and shapes the brows while keeping a natural look. Buildable pigments paired with the bush tip featuring 62 unique micro bristles allow you to easily blend, while the retractable pencil tip and pop-out sharpener allow for a super precise tip.
Product benefits

The Full Brow Crayon is super versatile and easy to use! Between the unique 62 micro bristle brush tip, retractable powder crayon and pop-out sharpener, it’s your perfect all-in-one brow product! Amazing for people who are new to the brow game, or those who need an easy on-the-go option for touch-ups and travel!

Technical details

A retractable powder finish brow crayon with an integrated sharpener and 62 unique micro bristle to blend out to a perfectly natural finish.

What makes this product so special?

We have replaced the traditional 'spoolie' with micro bristles for perfect blending.

How the brand is promoted on line?

The product will launch in February 2018 with promotions on the brand's website, key retailer's web, social media and influencer outreach.

Why the product/formulation is innovative?

The 62 unique micro bristle blending brush, which replaces the traditional brow spoolie.