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PRINKER M is the world’s first and only device that can print any designs of your choice on your skin. Prinker M aims to create a new entertaining beauty lifestyle that never existed before.

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Product headline
PRINKER M is the world’s first and only device that can print any designs of your choice on your skin. Prinker M aims to create a new entertaining beauty lifestyle that never existed before.
Product description
PRINKER M is the world’s first device that brings new innovative way to express who you are. You can either choose any designs or even create your own on Prinker App. Then, the App will send the design to the PRINKER M via Bluetooth. Simply glide the PRINKER M anywhere on your skin. BOOM! Time to show off who you are or send any messages with water resistant but soap washable inks fully compliant with FDA and CPNP for cosmetic purpose.
Claims & Benefits
1. Safe Ink & Primer Prinker invented the world’s first and only cosmetic inks and primer fully compliant with FDA VCRP and EU CPNP. The inks are vividly printed on your skin with complete safety and easily removed with soap. 2. Compact device PRINKER M is compact and light. You can take the PRINKER M to anywhere to express yourself at ease. 3. Unlimited contents on iOS & Android On the Prinker App, you can choose any designs from our library currently comprising more than 11,000 designs or create your own simply by drawing on the App.
Technical details
1. Ink (Common ingredients for all colours) - Polysorbate 20; Glycerin; PEG-8; Propylene Glycol; Hexanediol; Water; D&C Yellow No. 5; D&C Red No. 28; Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide; D&C Black No. 2 2. Primer - Methacryloyl Ethyl Betaine/Acrylates Copolymer; Ethanol; Hexyl cinnamal; 2-t-butylcyclohexyl acetate; Dipropylene glycol; Linalool; Isobutyl methyl tetrahydropyranol; Methyldihydrojasmonate; 2,6-dimethyl-7-octen-2-ol; Limonene; Citrus limon (lemon) peel oil; Benzyl acetate; Allyl heptanoate; Citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil; Benzyl alcohol; Allyl cyclohexylpropionate; Damascenone; Carvone; Citronellol; Denatonium benzoate; Water
Launch date
USD 199
Website or main Social channel
Website:; facebook: @iamprinker; Instagram: @prinker_official; Youtube: @Prinker Korea Inc; Tiktok: @Prinker Official; Twitter: @prinkerofficial; Linkedin: Prinker Korea Inc.
What does it make the product special?
“Self-expression” has always been one of the top interests throughout the history of human civilisation. Clothing, accessories, then what would be next? How about expressing directly on your skin? The problem is that it normally costs too much money, time, and energy. More importantly, is it safe? What if you could try as many designs as possible anytime you want in the blink of an eye? Is your skin too sensitive? Okay, what if you could try those with cosmetic inks fully compliant with all the requirements by FDA and CPNP. In 2022, PRINKER M was born in this world to provide all these experiences for the first time to anyone interested at ease – most importantly, with complete safety. You can express any designs in both colour and black on your skin with PRINKER M. Are you going to a party, concert, event, festival, or sport match? Take PRINKER M with you and show everyone who you are with any design you want. After you are done, you can take a shower, and everything will go away completely.
How the product is promoted online?
Looking for ways to express designs on your skin but worried about conventional ways like permanent tattoo causing too much time and pain or even forcing you to make a lifetime decision that you can’t revert? PRINKER M is your perfect solution. With PRINKER M, you can express any designs of your choice on your skin anywhere you want. Concerned about safety? Prinker also invented its ink and primer from scratch to be fully compliant with FDA and CPNP as well as to be water-resistant but soap washable. Time to rest assured and enjoy expressing yourself without any lingering concerns. The PRINKER M is perfect for casual users with its minimalistic and light form factor to be carried around and used on any occasions including events, parties, sport matches, and more. PRINKER M’s single cartridge can print up to 1,000 designs in both black and colour. Simply choose any designs or create your own on Prinker App and glide PRINKER M on your skin. PRINKER M is a fast, simple, and safe way to bring fun into your life. Don’t hesitate to show the world who you are. Express yourself.
Why the product is innovative?
In line with traditional makeup, expressing designs directly on skin has enormous potential. As such, there have been various ways to express designs on skin – body marker, ink pen, tattoo stickers, henna, or even permanent tattoos. The problem is that either these can take too much time, energy, and pain or safety has been taken for granted. This is where PRINKER M steps in for the first time to this world to provide safe and simple solutions for expressing any designs on your skin without any specialised skills or expertise.
How does the product comply with the evaluation criteria of its category?
While the conventional make-up practice has been enjoyed across countless human civilisations throughout history as an instrument to express oneself, it also has clear limitations in making any unique variations by only being able to switch either colour combinations or application techniques. PRINKER M brings a completely new perspective into this seasoned industry. How about using a minimalistic device that can draw or write any designs and letters on your skin? All the sudden, the number of options to express oneself became boundless. On the top of this, PRINKER M even took further steps. Not only could users enjoy its fast and simple process from choosing or creating own designs on the designated App to displaying on skin, but they can also stay confident about absolute safety. Along with the PRINKER M device, Prinker also invented its ink and primer from scratch to be fully compliant with all the requirements by both FDA and EU CPNP. Due to Prinker’s advanced ink technology, designs displayed on skin by PRINKER M are water-resistant to last 1-3 days while being completely soap washable at the same time. PRINKER M is ready to bring a completely new beauty lifestyle to the makeup industry.