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Airless Cosmetic Dispenser - Lip Gloss Bottle

Very convenient and sanitary lip gloss bottle

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Product headline
Very convenient and sanitary lip gloss bottle
Product - Description
This innovative airless and shoulder buttoned design creates a newest concept for lip gloss users in the world. The liquid formula automatically dispenses when the conveniently placed button is pushed.
Product benefits
a. You can adjust the amount of formula according to your preference. For example, when you push the button relatively long, more amount of the formula comes out and vice versa. b. This bottle is very sanitary-wise improved since the tip is not placed within the liquid formula. c. The applicability of this bottle is indeed various because various tips are available.
Technical details
1. Remove the cap by lifting. 2. Gently push the button to allow the formula to automatically dispense from the body to the tip. Users can control the amount of formula to the extent of their preference based upon their intensity of the push. 3. Gently apply onto the lips. 4. Once finished, close the cap again. Upon closure, the button is designed to be automatically locked to prevent the formula from being dispensed.
What makes this product so special?
The most special thing this airless dispenser has is the fact that the button is very conveniently located on the shoulder part of the bottle, which makes users feel very convenient to use it.
How does it relate to the story?
The invention of this airless lip gloss bottle was caused by the thought that if the button is located on shoulder part of the bottle, users can use it very conveniently.
Why the product/formulation is innovative?
Because the button of the lip gloss bottle is located on the shoulder part, users can use it very conveniently. And also, because the type of this bottle is airless, the tip is not placed within the bottle, which makes the liquid formula keep clean because the tip does not need to put into the bottle filled with liquid formula after using it.


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