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NFC Smart Packaging Technology powered by Asquan Group

The future of digital brand protection and consumer engagement.

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Product headline

The future of digital brand protection and consumer engagement.

Product - Description

Asquan Group's NFC Technology is a concept- smart packaging solution that can be used for consumer engagement, product tracking as well as brand protection. NFC offers to brands the opportunity to engage their client base through a variety of interactive campaigns. Everything from offering tips on makeup trends and makeup tutorials to offering refills, discounts on re-purchases as well as showing other products in the range or other related products. Brands can opt to introduce new products launching in coming months or simply introduce their brand image and philosophy to the consumer.

Technical details

NFC tags are inserted into the brand packaging during the manufacturing process. After scanning the packaging with a phone the consumer is led to a informative platform with the particular brands campaign or brand protection notice.

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Why the product is innovative?

The product is innovative in terms of the technology it utilities and adapts to the beauty and cosmetics industry. It addresses some of the industries most pressing issues such as counterfeit products and brand protection as well as big data- offering consumer insights for brand and product development.