Discover the 2018 edition of Cosmoprof Awards.

Discover the winners, the finalists and the jury.

Discover the winners, the finalists and the jury.



The Trophy

As a symbol of our beauty industry, the trophy of Cosmoprof Awards 2018 is made of a glass bubble, expressing delicacy, elegance, design and craftmanship, and a metal base, conveying the essential scientific and technical approach of beauty. The metal piece raises and highlights the glass piece, creating a luxurious object. This interaction is illustrating the essential exchanges between the packaging industry and the bulk industry, this collective intelligence offering the most glamourous and effective beauty products. 
This Cosmoprof award expresses the strength of gathering complementary expertises, through an original idea created by a beauty product design agency and sculpted by a glass artist.

The bubble is blown in glass by the artist, and its precise silhouette depends on the craftsman breath, offering a precious artistic variability while keeping a collection unity. As each winner has a specific value, each award is unique!

Centdegrés and MMB have collaborated to manufacture the Cosmoprof and Cosmopack awards. According to the 3 different categories, the glass piece has a specific finish and look. In this way, these unique trophies should galvanize the beauty industry to create the most exciting products in order to get the greatest Cosmoprof award collection.



The Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 has been presented to the famous fragrance creator Jean-Claude Ellena, a beauty industry personality who has achieved great renown over the years and had a crucial influence on the development of cosmetics.
Jean-Claude Ellena has been the exclusive perfume creator-composer at Hermès since 2004, overseeing the firm’s fragrance heritage and creating perfumes which have enhanced the brand’s history, such as the water sign trio of Un Jardin en Méditerranée, Un Jardin sur le Nil and Un Jardin après la Mousson, as well as the fragrances in the Hermessence collection.

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