Nailfix & Chill

Remove anywhere. Enjoy anytime.

Stand Number: H18 - I19 + H24 - I25 Hall: 19PC

Product headline
Remove anywhere. Enjoy anytime.
Product - Description
Nailfix & Chill is the first nail polish eraser cream on the market. Thanks to its incredible formulation, the cream allows women to remove their nail polish anywhere and also enjoy its caring feature anytime. Consumers just need to put cream on all their nails, wait one minute and massage each nail with a cotton pad to remove gently the nail polish. Enriched with an exclusive oil complex, the cream lets nails and cuticles in perfect condition after the removing. Moreover, its soft and delicate smell, for its part, will preserve sensitive noses in the vicinity.
Product benefits
Nice smell: Thanks to its cream fragrance, Nailfix & Chill will probably reconcile all sensitive noses with the nail polish removing. Convenience: Its size, tube packaging and its soft smell allow people to use Nailfix & Chill from anywhere they want and at any time. Caring: Formulated with a special solvent and an exclusive oil complex, Nailfix & Chill is less aggressive than classical removers and let nails and cuticles in perfect condition after use. Life style proof: Nailfix & Chill has been approved by boyfriends, roommates, husbands, colleagues, neighbors, coworkers, parents, trip partners …
Technical details
Nailfix & Chill is an innovative formula that combines cleaning and caring properties. Its creamy texture provides a shiny and healthy look to your nails after removal. To increase its nourishing power, it is enriched with macadamia, sweet almond, argan and sesame oil, Vitamin E and waxes. Moreover, Nailfix & Chill is a non–flammable and low VOC formula.
What makes this product so special?
Nailfix & Chill has been created thanks to real consumers’ signal. In a context of huge activism and women empowerment, we have decided to focus on a minor but nevertheless common problem: Being limited in the usage of removing nail polish due to the probably most hated smell of all times. Our solution: GIVING THE FREEDOM FOR WOMEN TO REMOVE THEIR NAILPOLISH WHEREVER THEY WANT. Our purpose is to support real people’s life. The intention is not to help them to look like a perfect person on Instagram but just pushing them to have fun and enjoy who they really are.
How the brand is promoted on line?
SIGN is a tribe of anonym innovative persons that uses fun and innovation to answer people’s beauty challenges. Our tribe has decided from the beginning to focus our communication efforts on our current unique product: Nailfix & Chill. We are still at the early stage of the brand and product launch but we have already planned to have a mix of conventional and less conventional online promotion. We have our website, which will display our product features; we will use Instagram and Snapchat as main social media touch point. On top of this, we will organize live sessions and direct chat with consumers in order to have a permanent connection with them and always be aware of their opinions and needs. We have decided to do partnership with online retailers for the launch of our product; we will, therefore, also use their different Medias to do the Nailfix & Chill promotion.
Why the product/formulation is innovative?
Nailfix & Chill is the combination of an exclusive formulation (as mentioned above) and a lifestyle story. If from the beginning, it has been designed to answer to a recurrent couch potatoes’ problem. We quickly understood that the couch potatoes were not the only ones who need new nail polish removing solution. Following the trend of “Co-life”, Nailfix & Chill will also make the life easier for a lot of co-workers, co-travellers… In a lack of time society, people are striving for multi-action products, Nailfix & Chill is the only product that allows them to pamper their nails while removing their nail polish and that also gives them the freedom to do it when and where they want. Furthermore, the product itself comes in a reusable nice bag which fits the sustainability trend perfectly. Last but not least, as it is a non-flammable product, Nailfix & Chill doesn’t need special treats for storage or shipping and it makes a big difference in our unique worldwide market.