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Winner of Skin Care Formula


Stand Number: C/10 - D/9 Hall: 15

Ice Massage Eye Essence Stick by Intercos is a frozen water balm essence in stick format that awakens and revives the eyes with an icy massage. It is a soothing skin icing remedy, a stimulating eye massage, and a reviving depuffing active treatment. The essence stick can be applied directly onto the eye area and melts on contact with the skin to leave a protective and elastic film. The formulation is designed to deeply hydrate with a dewy finish. It is created with hybrid emulsion technology featuring cornflower floral water, and is vegan and 92% natural.

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Winner of Make Up Formula

Glow Vita D Activator Body Cream

Stand Number: A/36 - B/41 Hall: 18

Glow Vita D Activator Body Cream by Passage Cosmetics Laboratory activates vitamin D production in skin thanks to a special blend of fructooligosaccharides and beetroot extract that activate vitamin D receptors. As a result, skin is more moisturized. Multimineral Active Chrono Energizer, an active ingredient booster, has a scavenging effect to inhibit cellular-free radical formation. It is a bio-energizer for clear, fresh skin. Sodium hyaluronate enhances skin elasticity and smoothness. Over 92% of the ingredients are of natural origin. The formula is vegan-friendly.

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Winner of Packaging: Design & Materials

Angled Essence Dropper Bottle

Stand Number: D/18 Hall: 34

Angled Essence Dropper Bottle by Hangzhou Ebei Industrial is an efficient and environmentally-friendly bottle that tilts on a 45-degree bevel angle so that the essence is collected and drained at the inclined surface. Consumers can absorb the remaining essence using a small curved dropper. The product can be used on the flat base in the early stage of product consumption. When the essence has been more than half-used, the bottle is placed at the angle. By changing the placement, the essence is collected at the inclined surface for easier pick-up, thereby avoiding any waste of essence. The product stands stable when inclined.

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Winner of Hair Care Formula

PPS Planet & People Shampoo

Stand Number: F/34 Hall: 18

PPS Planet & People Shampoo by Pink Frogs Cosmetics is a sprayable shampoo designed to deliver the right dose of product onto hair without waste. It creates a soft foam with effective cleansing power. The formulation contains a mix of naturally-derived surfactants combined with a 100% natural chelator that captures dirt, and keeps hair healthy and shiny. It also contains Radicare®-Eco, a blend of three natural antioxidants (Melissa officinalis, barley grass sprouts, and biotechnologically-produced glucosyl hesperidin) that defend skin and hair from polluting heavy particles, heavy metals, and UV rays. The shampoo is produced by cold process and features 95.2% ingredients of natural origin.

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Winner of Innovation Technology


Stand Number: A/10 - B/5 Hall: 15

PYXOH by Cosmax is a device that temporarily dyes hair with various patterns and colors. Users can control the device with an app installed on their smart device. Simply comb through hair with this small, one-handed device. After the device passes through, the hair changes to the desired color(s) or patterns. The ink is made from cosmetic ingredients, and is harmless to the skin and hair. The hair essences are composed of tiny powders that adhere to the hair. The rake-shaped brush helps the ink-jetting apply smoothly onto hair. The structure collects and “fixes” hair without a large and complicated structure (such as the tongs of a hair iron). The app maximizes at-home convenience by enabling the user to create colors and patterns, either original or previously designed.

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Winner of Sustainability


Stand Number: C/64 - D/61 Hall: 18

Metallica Mascara by MYC Packaging Innovation is a mascara case that combines sustainability with luxury. The mono-material design is 100% virgin or recycled aluminum, making Metallica Mascara 100% recyclable. All components can be crafted in PIR and PCR aluminum from fully traceable sources, with a lower environmental impact than virgin material, and without loss in quality. Aluminum is the most circular material in the market as it can be reused an infinite amount of times without losing its properties. The packaging has a premium feel, protects formula, enables effortless application, and is portable. The brushes, also in aluminum, are available with different knurling patterns, and deliver the right amount of formula, coating every lash, from root to tip.

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