Cosmopack North America Awards 2023

Discover the winners of the 2023 editions of Cosmopack North America Awards


Natural Glow Face Oil SPF 40+



Natural Glow Face Oil SPF 40+ is an air-weight, low-viscosity serum that blurs fine lines while delivering a luxurious veil of protection in a water-free oil format. Award-winning and patented Kleair™ technology delivers uniquely transparent, broad-spectrum, mineral-based sun protection, while Bloom™ adds to this claim set with blue light protection. 

This sun protection serum formulation won praise from the jury for its “hydrating” and “nongreasy finish,” that doesn’t leave any residue, “while also feeling as if [it offers] protection.”
The product blurs fine lines while delivering SPF 40+ sun protection. It is powered by two technologies: one is patented Kleair™, a transparent zinc oxide that provides non-nano, mineral-based, broad-spectrum SPF 40+ sunscreen, preventing premature skin aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while reducing pollution-induced free radicals. The other is Bloom™, an antioxidant that works in tandem with Kleair™, blocking more than 43% of HEV light while providing a subtle tint. And the product’s innovative, “no white cast” effect also impressed jurors.

Packaging: Design & Materials

Vibration Eye Cream Tube



It produces negative ion through the human body conductive negative ions. Negative ion mocrowave current stimulates deep into the subcutaneous tissue to the muscle. To activate the cell, promote the muscle movement and accelerate the blood circulation of the fine blood vessel.

Jurors noted this Vibration Eye Cream Tube “evolves the metal tip application consumers look for in an eye treatment,” and awarded it multi-tasking points for “the way that it soothes and delivers product.” The tube uses a built-in microwave chip and the body’s own currents as a conductor of negative ions, to pulsate without using battery-powered electricity. The manufacturer says that the tube’s vibrations improve blood circulation and stimulate the subcutaneous tissue reaching to the muscle, to enhance an eye cream’s benefits. Jurors also liked how the vibration tech had the potential to be “used for many formats,” with one describing the tube as “extremely innovative and multi-functioning.”

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