Cosmoprof North America Awards 2023

Discover the winners of the 2023 editions of Cosmoprof North America Awards

Green & Organic

Slim Shape Body Pants

AG COSMETICS SRL WORLD OF BEAUTY (Italy)  IG: @worldofbeauty_italia


Best spa body treatment to infuse to your skin the power of nature, with fresh vegetable stems’ cells, prebiotics, thermal water and unspoiled ocean pure ingredients. Rich in rare, clinically proven and highly functional natural liposomal extracts, including Undaria Pinnatifida, Arnica Montana, Centella Asiatica, White Birch, Horse Chestnut and precious botanical derived probiotics beneficial to skin health.

The jury liked that these “innovative” Slim Shape Body Pants offered a “convenient alternative to more invasive treatments.” The product spotlights cotton leggings that are soaked in a natural lipolytic concentrate to reduce cellulite’s appearance and aid the body’s toxin-draining process. The concentrate’s ingredients include fresh, plant-derived stem cells; thermal water; and ocean-derived active ingredients. 

Among the latter is algae-derived Himanthalia elongata extract, said to create a slimmed appearance; and Undaria pinnatifida, or brown seaweed extract, to stimulate lipolysis, the breaking down of fat cells. 

With the leggings designed to be re-used up to 20 times, jurors also appreciated the environmentally friendly element of the product – an important consumer box to tick – saying “it hits body care and sustainability well. ”After use, the pants are washed, and then re-soaked with the concentrate before further applications.

Hair Products

Hair Vinegar Tonic

NOV NATURAL ORGANIC VEGAN (Turkey) #novnaturalorganicveganhairvinegartonic


NOV Natural Organic Vegan Hair Vinegar Tonic is a specially formulated product developed from plant extracts through fermentation to give your hair a natural radiance, repair split ends, and facilitate easy detangling. This vegan-friendly formula, which helps the hair and scalp maintain their natural balance, reduces dandruff formation and serves as evidence that natural beauty truly originates from nature.Apply to wet hair and scalp in the shower, massage gently, and leave it on for a few minutes. Then rinse and witness the miracle of nature on your scalp and hair. Experience the naturalness of your hair with the natural scent coming from the plants in it.

Jurors pronounced this product as opening up “a great new space for hair treatment,” that can “introduce a third step into the shampoo and conditioner routine.” Applied to wet hair and scalp after washing, then rinsed, the Hair Vinegar Tonic reduces dandruff, repairs split ends, and revitalizes hair.

Alongside vinegar that has been through a fermentation process – meaning it doesn’t carry a vinegar scent – the formula includes nettle extract to promote hair health and hair growth, and horsetail extract to strengthen the hair shaft and reduce hair breakage. It also contains raspberry extract, whose antioxidants protect hair from free radical damage, and natural AHAs to exfoliate the scalp.

Home & Professional Devices & Tools

JOVS 4D Focus Mask



FPT light concentrated technology, more concentrated energy with less energy loss; 4 kinds of composite light waves, with precise partition and array arrangement; Focused improvement: fine lines, dark circles, dullness and redness; Highly fitting face curve, more even lighting; Nano molecular food grade liquid silicone, comfortable to wear. Safe light source, harmless to eyes and skin.

The technology in this light treatment mask was billed as “very promising” and “innovative” by the jury. The mask features an ultra-narrow optical chip technology called FPT, which achieves a concentrated light output density, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the light treatment by six times. This means that the light penetrates the skin more effectively, to stimulate collagen regeneration. The mask’s four types of composite light waves improve skin dullness and hyperpigmentation while tightening, improving elasticity, and encouraging collagen regeneration. Jurors also singled out the product as being “comfortable” and “well-designed” with its “prestige packaging” attracting attention, too.

Make Up & Nail Products

Mani Maker Nail Polish Grip

MANI MAKER (US) IG: @manimakerofficial 


MANI MAKER is a supersoft grip that grabs the nail polish cap, locks in, easily opens it, and has you ready to polish. The universal grip fits on top of your favorite polish! precision painting has never been easier, perfect for both righties and lefties! great for the manicurist, diy at-home or for creating gorgeous nail art. top it on your favorite color, base/top coat or oil. 4 fun colors: fuchsia, lime, violet and blanc.

A nail polish grip that makes painting nails a cinch, the Mani Maker won plaudits from the jury, who called it “unique,” and “a design that enhances accessibility.” The ergonomic, tactile nail polish grip is created with a patent-pending design to fit on top of any nail polish cap, to make both opening the cap and painting the nails easier. Suitable for those who are both right and left-handed, the grip is also helpful for those with arthritis or other dexterity issues. In fuchsia, violet, lime, or white, the design was deemed “genius” by one juror who struggles to paint their own nails.

Skin & Body Care Products

Skin Stress Balancer


IG: @idswissbotanicals


Skin Stress Balancer protects and strengthens the skin by helping to regulate its response to the daily stresses caused by ultraviolet exposure and a multitude of common pollutants. The unique technology allows Skin Stress Balancer to effectively enhance all water-based cosmetics without altering their textures and fragrances. Made in Switzerland, Skin Stress Balancer is vegan, preservative free and 100% natural origin.

This soluble powder serum captured the jury’s attention thanks to its “customizable element.” It’s intended to be added to a consumer’s existing, water-based products – meaning it reduces water use – to amplify the products’ efficacy by regulating skin’s response to daily stressors. Jurors liked the potential the Skin Stress Balancer created for the personalization that’s becoming so important to consumers, enabling to “cocktail one’s products.” 

The powder serum is concentrated in CBD VectorS™, a second-generation, vectorized CBD. Its vectoring system is based on the brand’s dual encapsulation technology of multiple botanical active ingredients. The formulation, the brand says, multiplies the energetic potential available to cells by 308%, supporting skin’s needs and triggering its defenses.

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